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Sound Attenuators

The acoustic level tunning process of our Evaporative Cooling Units requires an evaluation of acoustical, thermal and cost factors. UNICLIMA can perform this evaluation and propose the appropriate changes to achieve the objectives without sacrificing thermal performance. The Sound Attenuators are designed and manufactured by UNICLIMA. We provide accoustic attenuators for centrifugal fan units (TCX - TCL - ACX - ACL - CCX - CLC) and axial fan units (TLA - TA - ALA - AMA - CLA - CGA).


Cooling Towers, Evaporative Coolers (Closed Circuit) and Evaporative Condensers engineered to ship in ocean shipping Containers. Conjugation of the Maximun Capacity for the Lowest Energy Consumption, Easy Assembly and Lower Shipping Cost.


UNICLIMA developed and introduced in 1996 a UNIVAC SYSTEM. This system is not only a surface treatment, but also provides superior corrosion protection. The UNIVAC SYSTEM extends equipment life and provides a lower cost solution for cases where the equipment has to work in poor water quality, environmental considerations or equipment location. It is notable its resistance to salt spray, chemicals, abrasion, impact, ultraviolet radiation (sun) and thermal shock.

The UNIVAC SYSTEM has the following proceeding:

1) Galvanized steel sheets and coated on both sides with Thermosetting Powder (Polyester Silicon Type),

2) Tightening of all components with screws and nut in stainless, avoiding this way the drilling of the panels after the Treatment of Surface with drills or self-threaded screws.

3) Use of PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) in Drift Eliminators, Water Distribution System, Fill, Tubular Connection, etc.

The combination of these three basic procedures with other small details define UNIVAC SYSTEM which provides a final product with the purpose of evaporative cooling water of high quality.



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